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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  January 15, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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plymouth and 20s in the suburbs and kind of warmup, 35 in boston, so yes, temperatures going up, just in the going up that much. going to be pretty close to freezing, points north and west of boston to the south and east we get into the 40s so range of highs go 36 to 44 today and seasonably chilly so we got on and off clouds that persist today, not until after midnight the first of the rain moves in and timeline on that and get a little bit slippery. for now get over to you with live drive time traffic and check of the drive times. >> catherine: a lot of accidents on the map have gone off the map and that is good news and roadways turning back into green as well. 128, still sluggish pocket waltham southbound and other than that looking okay, north of the city looking okay too for the most part shifting west a little bit and pike moving good in both directions and look at
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brighton, moving well volume not too excessive at this hour and look at some of the drive times on pike 495 to mass ave, 27 minutes, 93 from the braintree split to the pike, still jammed up there, it is going to take you 15 minutes, 93 from 495 to the leverett connector, that is 27 minute ride for you. we are following breaking news right now out of hawaii. the coast guard says two marine corps helicopters have cop -- collided off oahu. total of 12 people on board both aircraft and searchers in the area say they have spotted debris field and empty life raft about 2 miles avshore. details still unfolding right now and bring you latest as soon as we get it. >> daniel: school now in session in chelsea. added security comes in response to a threat found in the school. despite the scare, classes are going on as scheduled this morning. fox25 michael henrich live at
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you have been telling us the canine unit greeted students when arrived. >> michael: started an hour ago and footage want to show on you canine greeting students or being there as i should say students arrived here for their regular friday classes. that's right, despite this bomb threat classes were -- did commence on schedule, went on with schedule as if nothing happened and increased security and overnight police did a full sweep of the building and early this morning we reported in 6:00 hour that police did give the all clear. late last night the school system sent out message letting them know about the bomb threat and written down and left unattended somewhere in the high school and that said they originally believed it would be -- would turn out to be a hoax, but they needed to take precautions nonetheless. they did so and streets came
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investigation into who left that threatening note and know anything about who left the note, you're encouraged to call police right away and we will be here at the high school, continue to follow up on this investigation. for now reporting live in chelsea, michael henrich, fox25 news. >> daniel: stomach virus has canceled classes at school in methuen this morning. students and staff at timony grammar school have gotten sick the last few days. today the building will be cleaned to prevent the illness from spreading. only timony grammar school is closed. all other schools will be in session. >> catherine: west boylston teacher is out of the classroom this morning following allegations of improper behavior toward a student. fox25 learned district attorney is investigating. fox25 jessica reyes live near the high school talking with jess? >> jessica: hi, catherine. those parents are very concerned here. school started at west boylston
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up with a handful of parents just as they were dropping the kids off, and one question all of them want the answer to is what exactly the teacher is accused of doing. >> i don't know what they are investigating. >> jessica: west boylston middle high school teacher off the job two days after a student came forward with concerns about his behavior and school district sent letter home to parents saying they are working with police and d.a. office and superintendent told parents the student accused of teacher of behaving improperly but the question on every parents' mind this morning is what he allegedly did. >> sent out e-mail last night, my wife received it, but don't know why they are investigating. >> jessica: teacher isn't identified publicly and no charges have been filed but one woman we spoke to says she knows who the teacher is and can't believe it. >> does a lot for the kids and with the kids, and he is a wonderful guy, so i think he is
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>> jessica: they plan to seven the teacher's at some point today and parents anxious to learn more. >> got caught doing something bad. >> jessica: police chief said last night they plan to search the teacher's home at some point today and focus we understand will be on his phone and his computer. for now live here in west boylston, i'm jessica reyes, fox25 news. >> daniel: morning after the latest presidential debate and war of words is heating up and last night's debate may impact the rest of the campaign. >> the good news is the next commander in chief is standing on this stage. >> reporter: three candidate standing out from the pack during a ruthless debate.
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on trump, 30 marco, 30 cruz and ten chris christie. >> reporter: questioning the citizenship. >> you should get out and get a declaratory judgment, let the courts decide. >> reporter: cruz not backing down and calling out trump for supporting his citizenship back in september. >> in september my friend donald said he had his lawyers look at this from every which way and there was no issue there, there was nothing to this further issue. since september the constitution hasn't changed. [ laughter ] but the poll numbers have. >> reporter: senator marco rubio also picking his fights and scoring some points against cruz. >> we all saw you flip your vote on ethanol for the same reason. that is not consistent conservatism that is political cueilation. >> reporter: only thing they agreed on was beating hillary clinton at any cost. >> make sure we put someone on the stage in september to fight hillary clinton and make sure she never, ever gets in the
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>> daniel: that was caroline shively reporting for republican candidate jeb bush, john kasich and carly fiorina will all anybody new hampshire today continuing their campaign rallies. governor charlie baker getting ready to tell the state how things are going. he joined us live in the studio this morning answering questions about his first year in office and what to expect from his state of the state address and opioid epidemic will be a big point and also addressing something that hasn't had as much attention, energy concerns. >> stuff that heats your house and turns on your lights, we need to come up with replacements for that. >> daniel: we also asked governor baker to justify the more than $100 million in incentives to helped ge to come to boston and possibility of mbta fare hikes. his full answers posted on our website at
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the all clear there's new case of eastbound in west africa and case of ebola. there's no cause for concern. ebola has killed more than 11,000 people, mostly in west africa since it emerged three years ago. >> catherine: everyone is getting extra three days to file taxes thanks to little known holiday in washington d.c. friday is emancipation day in nation's capitol hill so most people will have extra day, massachusetts residents have extra day on top of that because eighteenth is also patriots day. >> daniel: tomorrow the playoffs begin for the new england patriots and there are big questions about two key players. for the first time we are hearing from defensive end chandler jones about bizarre incident on sunday morning. according to police report an officer found jones by the back door of the foxborough police department. jones was down on his knees as if he was surrendering or praying and he said he had been
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jones was seeking help after apparently smoking synthetic marijuana. yesterday he said he was sorry. >> apologize to fans and everyone but this weekend i will focus on probably the biggest day of my life. >> daniel: jones was treated sunday but has not missed a team meeting or practice since the incident. daniel: big concerns about the health of rob gronkowski. all pro missed for second time this week. espn is reporting gronkowski went to hospital for treatment of knee injury. gronk is dealing with knee and back problems. we will keep you posted on any new information we get about a status for tomorrow's game. >> catherine: track traffic and weather every ten minutes and only area to point out is expressway as you're heading north into the city through milton, dorchester, you could see still pretty sluggish in the
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at intersection 128 and 93 and get check in next ten minutes. for now, shiri. >> shiri: early warning these are spots that could get slippery, mass pike and 495 toward holden, leominster, up into nashua, keene and southern vermont, even a couple snowflakes mixing in and take you hour-by-hour and incoming mostly rain when we come back. >> daniel: take a look at this incredible video. wow. how the man was able to walk away without any serious injuries.
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>> daniel: bullet narrowly missed a brockton boy's head. amber cast neata went to visa family in the area and got lost on the way home. at first she thought the noise was fire crackers and didn't realize it was gun fire until a police officer told her just how close her family came to tragedy. >> wasn't until the officer told me that that came into the window past the head and two inches taller that would have took him right out. >> daniel: boston police continue to investigate the shooting. they have a vague description of
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>> catherine: 34-year-old melissa benedict in dorchester and accused of taking off at washington street and harvard ave. police say she told them they didn't call 911 because she thought someone else would and having anxiety attack. >> this is not her, this is not the person i have known forever. person i know is loving and caring and wonderful and jindal. >> catherine: some members told us they showed up to support the victim and wasn't until he arrived he learned his sister was behind the wheel. >> daniel: four of the five teenagers suspected of gang raping new york girl at playground have been released bail free and not met the deadline to obtain grand jury indictment against them. the five men approached the woman last thursday, pointed gun at her father and told them to
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woman. the case is now crumbling as father's credibility is under fire and video evidence suggests the original report may not be what actually happened. >> catherine: disturbing find in texas high school. they discovered a dead baby in girl's bathroom wednesday night. they were able to track down the mother. they say she returned to the home. know she was pregnant. catherine: new video shows unarmed teenager shot by police officer. he was shot three years ago in chicago and ordered surveillance video of the video to be made public and showed teen shot as runs away from the officer. police say chapman was carjacking suspect who pointed dark object of officer and another body standing over the body of the teen. >> faced down on the ground and
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him on top of this it is totallyun reasonable. >> catherine: police officers involved were not charged with the crime but teen's family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit. >> daniel: goldman sax will pay $5 billion as part of federal and state investigation into mortgage securities. the bank is accused of creating securities destined to failure and selling them to investors in 2005 and 2007. now, part of the deal includes providing nearly $2 billion in consumer relief, that includes loan forgiveness and financing and other wall street firms reached other deals. >> catherine: intersection at 93 northbound there's a stalled vehicle right before 128, in the woburn area, not seeing any
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little bit now, see the expressway as you're moving from quincy heading north into the city still a slow crawl, there you are, pretty sluggish averaging close to 30 miles per hour in that stretch, zooming back out i can see the pike there, mostly in the green except you get closer to the city there and pretty much a smooth ride and there you are looking at it right now, how traffic looks as you're approaching the bryan area of the pike and look at drive times for you on route 3, going to take you ten minutes, 24, 12 minutes, on 95 from 495 to 128 looking at about 12 minute ride. of course, shiri, friday morning, good commute. we don't have to deal with any sort of weather this morning. >> shiri: just the way we like it, live look in boston right now, 31 and is it me or does it look a little bit brighter from the boston sky cam. a little bit, a little bit since the last time we checked it and mostly cloudy today, going to see occasional thin spots especially south of boston but on and off clouds really that sums up friday forecast, rain
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tonight and guess what, it is moving out in time for the patriots kickoff tomorrow. so silver lining, yes, to kind of wet saturday forecast. 31 in boston right now, i mention cloudy, the other thing is winds really not that strong today, i'm not concerned about wind chills. temperature climbs to 33 by 11:00 a.m., afternoon temperatures crack the upper 30s in boston itself, look at how much cooler it is somewhere like manchester, new hampshire at 24 and cloudy now and temperatures get as high as about 32. that's it. versus somewhere like plymouth today at 28 with that same cloudy sky now. but temperatures here lower 40s. so it is going to be about 10 warmer south of the city verses areas into southern new hampshire. so these are your town by town highs for today, upper 30s from boston to beverly to norwood, we got only 35 in bedford and worcester and fitchburg, 33 in nashua, but 40 in plymouth, 42 hyannis, chatham
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here is future cast because on and off clouds today shift in and out during the afternoon hours, especially south of the pike, but kicking right back overnight between one and 4:00 a.m., we got the rain moving in so the time you wake up tomorrow morning, showers heavy in spots, especially eastern and southeastern map when you wake up, but it is worcester to lowell and to the west that we will have to watch out for slipping and sliding temperature, temperatures will be close to freezing here, most you 32 and keene and southern vermont and chance get a little bit of snow mixing in and overall mostly rain event and going to be above freezing by about 7:00 in the morning, 10:00 in the morning at very latest, so this is just rain here. rain is going to end shortly after lunchtime, so in time for the patriots here at 4:00 in the afternoon and no more than a stray sprinkle at all in southern new england. maybe a couple flurries if you go out to the mountains, but sunday totally different story because sunday starts and ends
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increasing clouds. temperaturewise tomorrow worcester to 37, boston 42, concord, new hampshire 37 and 46 hyannis, that's why it is changing to all rain because temperatures will be well above freezing but then on sunday only 29 in worcester, 33 in boston, 34 down toward the cape, so going to be a lot colder here for the day on sunday. sunday dry, monday is going to be the next weather maker at all day 20s, we got another round of snow coming in but you could see how very light it is. this does not look like a huge weather maker and only going to get minimal from that one and dry but chilly as we look toward that tuesday, wednesday, thursday forecast and yes, there will be wind chills because it is going to turn quite breezy. back to you guys. >> daniel: local teenager left blood and he bruised right on the side of 128. coming up, the hidden danger on
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>> catherine: couple living in wooded area for three years and tampa police officer changed that when he helped the couple find a home. the story was posted in local newspaper and floridans began to pay it forward. now the owner of wedding venue gifted the couple all inclusive wedding and she says she was
9:23 am
point in her life she too was homeless. >> they deserve to have a great life. >> catherine: they toured the venue, picked out flowers and first taste testing yesterday. >> daniel: truck driver blew a tire in england and pulled over on the side of the road to check it out. then all of a sudden another truck as you see goes flying by and misses him by just inches. the driver says he actually bruised his shoulder when he jumped into his own truck so hard. that move saved him from any serious injury. that's incredible to see. >> catherine: daniel, how do you like doing laundry? >> daniel: i love doing laundry. >> catherine: some people might need help. laundry care, you take a picture of the tag, gives you translation for all of those little icons you sometimes see.
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put it all in cold water. >> catherine: typical man. users. >> daniel: boston woman hoping to solve international mystery. she found camera in taxi in hong kong on new year's eve and trying to get back to rightful owner and only clues these pictures are language setting based on setting and they think the couple could be german and just wants to get the vacation pictures back to them. a lot of people lose them and want them back. >> catherine: great video. >> catherine: known for showing off in the weight room
9:25 am
weight lifting to be with the beat and watched one and a half million times and he made the video to challenge society's stigmas about being a man. >> daniel: challenge the way when he looks. >> shiri: the way he dropped was frightening. not necessarily in the boston area but central northern new england getting three to six inches of snow, even a foot in parts of maine and take you hour-by-hour through mostly wet forecast next. >> daniel: hingham police officer say someone hit him with a car and department says that
9:26 am
coming up why his complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> catherine: 9:30 things about to dry and moving up from the south, rain, ice and some snow and some parts of new england. >> daniel: good morning and happy friday, it is january 15th, i'm daniel miller with catherine parrotta. there's a big game tomorrow. >> catherine: i don't know if you have heard. we will take you to new york to the opening of the stock market and big game, a lot of people want to know the weather. >> shiri: i think a lot of ponchos and off in time for kickoff and good news as far as the patriots forecast and first off, this is where the storm
9:27 am
all the way up from the south. i got temperatures right now waiting for you outside now at freezing in falmouth and marshfield, kind of nice to see the 32, been mostly in the 20s this morning, 31 in marion, 29 in taunton, we got clouds stretched across southern new england. 31 in boston, 30 in waltham, boxford right now 26 , same in newbury, millis 26 in framingham and 26, 26 in worcester as well, lower 20s in townsend, nashua 25 with very same clouds. so we are going to slide up to about 35 by lunchtime today, clouds are still going to be the biggest factor of your forecast today. there will be a come thin spots especially south of the pike but if headed out for any evening plans, i got dry conditions at 7:00 p.m. but also got temperatures dropping back into the lower 30s. spots that hit freezing where we could deal with ice on the roads early tomorrow morning and, of course, patriots forecast coming up. catherine, back over to you for check on the roads.
9:28 am
map there, let's see how it is looking. green and looking pretty good at this time and situation room in on -- zoom in and pocket eastbound toward the city and other than that looking good. zooming back out again, 128 from the north, 93 from the north and moving into the city, smooth sailing for you as well and look at the zakim bridge, leverett connector, volume really decreased and see you're moving just fine at this hour. here is look at drive times on the pike from 495 to mass ave, it is going to take you 24 minutes, 93 from the braintree split to the pike, that's really improved there as well, take you 12 minutes. 128 from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls, that is a 22 minute ride for you. west boylston teacher is now on leave as police investigate a possible inappropriate relationship with the student. fox25 jessica reyes is near the school where the man taught with note sent home to parents about the investigation. >> jessica: school started here at the west boylston middle high school two hours ago and we
9:29 am
they were dropping kids off this morning, one question they want the answer to, what exactly the teacher is accused of doing. >> i don't know what they are investigating makes you think disciples west boylston middle high school teacher off the job two days after the student came forward with concerns about the behavior. district sent letter home to parents saying they are working with police and d.a.'s office and told parents the student accused teacher of behaving improperly and question on every parent's mind this morning what he did. >> my we've received the e-mail but don't know why they are investigated. >> jessica: teacher isn't identified publicly and one parent knows who it is. >> he does a lot with the kids and for the kids, and he is a wonderful guy, so i think he is getting a raw deal.
9:30 am
search the teacher's home at some point today, parents anxious to learn more as soon as possible. >> all i know teacher got caught doing something bad, that's all i know. >> daniel: >> jessica: focus will be seven -- search of electronics with phone and computer and that will derm if faces charges. west boylston, i'm jessica reyes, fox25 news. >> daniel: big board three minutes into trading, do you down over 300 points and continues to fall and concerns the markets will struggle today. stocks in china were down once again and oil dropped below $30 a barrel. of course, we will continue to follow this developing news coming out of the factor this morning. daniel: happening now school back in session in chelsea after a threat found in the school yesterday had many parents concerned. officers searched the high
9:31 am
on scene providing extra security. fox25 michael henrich live for us outside the school where michael, students returned to class about an hour ago. >> michael: they started school at 8:00 right on schedule in spite of the bomb threat that authorities learned about yesterday afternoon, and when they arrived here at chelsea high school, they were greeted not only by a general police presence but also by canine to have participated in the overnight sweep of the high school. as we reported in the 6:00 hour fox25 morning news, school put out post on facebook page this morning saying that the school had been given the all clear. late last night they reached out to parents telling them about the bomb threat, which was described as being written down and left unaccompanied in some part of the high school, not a lot of details were released and they believed it to be a hoax. they were thinking it was a hoax and again, it turned out that they were able to give the
9:32 am
course, the all clear early this morning. all that said, the school district maintains that hoax or not, a bomb threat is felony here in massachusetts, and so they are encouraging anyone that knows anything who might have done this to reach out to chelsea police right away. reporting live in chelsea, i'm michael henrich, fox25 news. >> daniel: stomach virus has classes canceled. students have gotten sick over the past few days and building will be cleaned to prevent the illness from spreading. only timony grammar school is closed, all other schools will be in session. >> catherine: happening today north shore man accused of running a illegal kenil will face a judge. jason gentry charged with animal cruelty and prosecutors said he ran unlicensed kennel. him and another man were arrested after dead dogs found last year. dominick donovan was in court
9:33 am
gentry expected to testify against donovan. >> daniel: dangerous weapons found in home in ayer as investigators went in and out of house on sandy pond road. it all started when police were asked to check on the man that lives there. police say they found about 50 guns, ammunition, plus military style grenades. the grenades were not live. police were still investigating and say charges are pending. >> catherine: hingham police officer is accused of lying about being hit by a car. sergeant chris phillips allegedly told fellow officers he was hit while on duty but the department says it investigated and never happened. phillips is accused of making up the story to collect thousands in insurance money but laure says he was hit and bad low hurt. >> sent ambulance, ambulance driver's made observations of him and needed to be seen at the hospital and hospital emergency room. >> catherine: phillips is on
9:34 am
and he is due back in court next month. catherine: cambridge police investigation leads to maersk alabama arrest in new york city. jeremy wilson of new york city scammed several local businesses, stole computer wilmington from m.i.t. and used information saved on computers to buy u.s. army medals and he just got out of jail for serving time for similar conditions. >> daniel: one last time for camille cosby to avoid deposition. lawyers for camille cosby saying deposition is useless and prevents testifying about private conversations. camille cosby is scheduled to be deposed february 22nd. >> catherine: ge has agreed to
9:35 am
chinese company to $5 billion. last month federal regulators blocked sell g to rival electro-luxe for $3 billion. word of the sale follows g. to move the corporate headquarters to boston's seaport strict. >> daniel: couple went on network tv claiming to have the winning powerball ticket. they showed the picket but claim haven't been verified. we know three winning tickets sold in california, tennessee and florida. swirling rumors have started media frenzy in one melbourne beach neighborhood. police forced to stand on guard outside a home and everyone has convinced the women have one of the golden tickets have tip to area news station. the florida and tennessee winners need to claim their prices in 180 days. the california winner has a year to come forward. daniel: pair of million dollar tickets sold in massachusetts.
9:36 am
yesterday. keith bower and wife plan to pay off student loans and help out their parents. robert dole of east bridgewater claimed another ticket. he and wife hoping to buy new ticket with winnings and travel to someplace warm. >> catherine: city of boston ranged number one in the country for are income and equality. take look at numbers from brooks instution. people that earn top dollar make 18 times more than in the lowest pay back bracket. it is almost double the national average and high number of students in the city and shortage of affordable housing from lower incomes are partially to blame for boston's poor ranking. >> daniel: close call for dog in billerica. mia's family hugging her a bit tighter after she had quite the scare yesterday. her owner, mike, tells fox25 the dog was chasing after a squirrel at vietnam veterans park when she ran out into a pond and went through the ice.
9:37 am
firefighters went into rescue her. >> my heart was breaking to see her in there but glad she didn't go under. >> daniel: firefighters say mia's story is good reminder even though the temperatures may be cold, it is still not cold enough for water to be completely frozen over. >> catherine: 9:40 and track treasury every ten minutes, 495 to mass ave, take you 23 minutes on 93 from the braintree split to the pike ten minutes and 128 route 1 to the weston tolls that's going to be a 21 minute ride. shiri? >> shiri: who's ready for some football? we got patriots forecast right here, temperatures will be in the 30s for the game, upper 30s most likely and for tailgating you're going to have to dodge some rain drops, i have dry weather in place by kickoff, hour-by-hour look at tomorrow's wet and icy weather next. >> daniel: local veteran gets prize of his dreams and what purple heart recipient didn't
9:38 am
>> catherine: there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president? you better believe it. i'm bernie sanders
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>> daniel: 13 minutes into trading and rough start and looking at live picture down 351 points. we saw massive selloff overnight that has continued this morning following more concerns about china's economy and price of oil which is selling below $30 a
9:40 am
market for the rest of the morning and tonight on the fox25 news at 5:00. >> catherine: local woman suffers severe injuries when chunk of ice slams into her car. manyir randa cody heading south on 128 in waltham and ice flew off and smashed through the windshield and airbag felt like a punch in the face pushing teeth through bottom lip. >> couldn't see where i was going, ended up hitting the jersey barrier with the left side of the car. >> catherine: the other driver kept going and miranda unable to get the license plate and wants other drivers to take the time to clean cars this winter and it can result in 200-dollar fine and two year jail sentence. >> daniel: rockport police looking to piece together several pieces of vandalism. look at pictures here. police say there have been five cases of vandalism and graffiti since november 27th, latest
9:41 am
was discovered at a men's room at t wharf. investigators believe some of the incidents are connected. >> catherine: well we now now location will be in new hampshire. state just awarded medical marijuana registration certificate to center in rochester. the certificate will allow the center to grow marijuana and be sold at four dispensaries across the state. >> daniel: fbi now says the shooting of philadelphia police officer is being investigated as an act of terrorism. officer jessie hart net was shot three times last week. he is now recovering at philadelphia hospital. police say the suspect edward archer ambushed him this is cruiser. archer was reportedly -- pledges allegiance to isis but fib says there's no evidence showing he is part of an organized terror cell. >> catherine: three terror suspects attacked in attack in indonesia. five other attacks we covered as it was breaking yesterday morning and police found isis flag in home of one of the
9:42 am
two people killed, more hurt when it exploded in starbucks and burger king and one of the victim killed from canada. >> daniel: ten american sailors that wound up in iranian waters this week didn't get there because of the mechanical issue. u.s. defend secretary ash carter announced thursday the sailors wandered into iran because of the navigational error. it isn't clear who made the mistake but military interviewing every sailor to find out what went wrong. the state of michigan now turning to the federal government to help with the water crisis in the city of flint. the state has only been handing out fresh water to residents there for a few days but the problem has been going on for over a year. the city of flint made critical mistakes when switching water sources from the great lakes to notoriously dirty river which damaged pipes and led into the water system. water still contains high levels of lead in some parts of town.
9:43 am
federal aid to fix the problem which could cost tens of millions of dollars to take years to fix. >> catherine: cars without drivers could be in the near future. the white house is working with auto makers in various states to come up with guidelines for the vehicles. google is testing vehicles in california and texas and company says none of the vehicles ever crashed while in driverless mode, the spokesman did admit the drive had to take over about a dozen times to avoid a wreck. no driverless cars on the road today, and might be bad if sitting in traffic but not too bad if out there. take look at couple spots south of the city 128 and 93 going north, you're doing okay in both stretches there and then just zooming back out give you look north of the city 128 and 93 north doing okay and also the pike looking at pike doing just fine there as well, smooth sailing and look at zakim bridge, leverett connector, volume pretty light, really dissipated over the past hour or so and look at live drive times,
9:44 am
495 to leverett connector 20 minutes there route 28 to peabody and weston tolls 22 minute ride for you and that stretch and, shiri, people getting to work quickly for their friday. >> shiri: luckily friday wrapping up nice and dry and dry one, cloudy one, cool one with temperatures in the 20s and nor'easter, classic nor'easter gathering moisture from the gulf, rolling up the clean overnight tonight and you know what, it is going to hold back on bringing any rain until about midnight, one, 2:00 in the morning, so 31 temperature outside in boston now, we have winds that are under 10 miles per hour, so i'm not going to bother with the wind chill. we will talk about the temperatures. 34 by 11:00 a.m., 1:00 we got 37, upper 30s here we come this afternoon, all the while staying mostly cloudy. that doesn't mean we are not occasionally seeing to see gaps in the clouds, especially early afternoon and especially south of the mass pike, but clouds only get third quarter here this evening, and look at what rolls in by about midnight and start
9:45 am
pink into southern new hampshire, a little bit of white as well and chance we are going to get couple of flurries mixing in and perhaps a little period of freezing rain before it switches for everybody, just the plain rain. today pretty mild in southeastern massachusetts and want 40s here they are and 40 in bridgewater and plymouth and 42 mattapoisett as well as carver and 42 in taunton, i got temperatures that are really going to struggle though, spots like nashua, new hampshire only 33 today, methuen haverhill, lawrence, all at 44 billerica and lowell and 34 andover, just 33 , boston itself climbs up to about 39, 35 in both worcester and in fitchburg, 34 in keene, 42 though in hyannis and how about some middle 40s for the vineyard and nantucket. that sound pretty nice. those spots do stay well above freezing tonight. boston as well. no threat of any kind of ice there where we have some issues where it is going to be freezing, especially when you find 20s in fitchburg and keene and orange, cold enough as
9:46 am
some of it freeze to the ground and lock up and d during boston and coastline going to be in the 40s, so obviously it is warm enough for rain. we make the switch to all above freezing temperatures and i expect by 7:00 tomorrow morning, 10:00 a.m. at the very latest here and spots to watch for that slowing down a bit, southwestern new hampshire, southern vermont, although right now start out with a little bit of freezing rain, see a switchover as well, some of the models this morning have been a little bit cooler, i do encourage you to check back with kevin lemanowicz here at 5:00 p.m. for the very latest on how much mixing we are going to see, expect to get under an inch of snow, most of it falling as rain and look at that moving on out early afternoon, so by 4:00 p.m. for the patriots game, that's why we are going with the dry forecast, things thin out a little bit overnight into your sunday but then sunday clouds roll back into place. here is 7-day forecast with the weekend always in view, so
9:47 am
, monday that's the next weather maker but this one looking very weak, you could see we have the little bit of snow during the day on monday and minor accumulation and catch your attention and also going to be very cold next week with teens in the morning, near freezing in the afternoon and back to you. >> catherine: winter is here. wintery marco rubio.
9:48 am
he opposed amnesty... then he flipped, and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa
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surprise of lifetime. they got a brand-new home mortgage free in manchester, new hampshire, gift from the warrior support foundation and bank of america. the new place has been completely renovated and much bigger than their current apartment. >> step in the right direction from getting out of the actually. >> daniel: sergeant served two tours in iraq and received a purple heart. he says this will be the first time they will be sleeping on bed and not futon.
9:50 am
be coming back to boston. six time grammy winner will return on august 18th and tickets go on sale august 22nd backtreet boy nick carter out of jail and facing charges after fight outside a florida bar. carter was down in key west when a bartender cut him and friend off. officers say carter made a scene and eventually punched a bouncer in the face. carter and his friend are each charged with one count of misdemeanor battery. catherine: singer celine dion's husband has died. saline is taking a break at her show at ceasar's palace and want return until february 23rd.
9:51 am
residents in canada because sub-zero temperatures forcing mailboxes shut. >> i have seen people shaking pounding on mailboxes trying to break up the ice. >> daniel: she wants her mail. government has contract company to deice but it takes hour per box. that's a long time per box. >> catherine: it is cold and at least not doing that. >> shiri: at least don't live in canada right now. rain moving in and kind of mild day tomorrow which means we are focusing on primarily rain. i think anyone out toward central massachusetts, southern new hampshire, merrimac, valley, western mass, you have to watch out through about 10:00 tomorrow morning for some slippery roads. after that though above freezing and just rain ends by 1:00 in the afternoon and we are dry for the pats game, keeping sunday
9:52 am
got teens in the morning, we got 30s in the afternoon and we got wind chills on top of that, you know what else i call it? feeling like january? >> daniel: thank you so much for joining us this morning. watch the fox25 morning news at 5:00 this afternoon. go pats. hey- small business owners, when you want fast internet that won't slow your business down, you need fios. but why ? well, fios is the 100% fiber optic network, with 99.9% network reliability, and the fastest wi-fi available. so your business can get things done faster. all from verizon - ranked highest in customer satisfaction by jd. power. sign up for 25 meg fios internet
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